University Art Gallery welcomes famed photographer Santi Visalli

The University Art Gallery welcomed 79-year-old photographer Santi Visalli on Friday evening to display select photos — from a striking portrait of a young Jack Nicholson to a view from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Award-winning photography exhibit brings Native American awareness to campus

In lieu of Native American Heritage Month, the Cal Poly MultiCultural Center will bring award-winning photographer Peggy Fontenot to the University Union (UU) on Monday, Nov. 8 to present her exhibit “Surviving Assimilation: The Contemporary Native American.”

Student showcases photography in U.U. Gallery

English major Brandon Smith will be displaying his photography in the University Union gallery beginning February 18.

BLOG: Happy 20th Photoshop!

Adobe’s popular program is celebrating its twentieth anniversary.

BLOG: Polaroid isn’t a thing of the past

The Polaroid Camera was one of the most innovative inventions of the 20th century. In 2008 Polaroid’s announcement that it was abandoning film came as a major shock to many. Some devotees can even remember exactly where they were when they heard the news, as if it were a major historical moment.