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Watch and Listen: Cal Poly Sailing Members Speak on Their Experiences With the Club

While many Cal Poly students spend their weekends at the beach, some choose to participate in a different activity by the water.  Cal Poly Sailing, also known as CP Sailing, is a Cal Poly-affiliated club sport team that practices at the Morro Bay Yacht Club on the weekends.  Communications senior Cory Quillen joined CP Sailing […]

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The Divide: head coaches of women’s sports earn less than head coaches of men’s sports at Cal Poly

The women’s basketball team finished the 2020-2021 season with an overall record of 13-11. They also reached the semifinals of the Big West Tournament after beating Long Beach State in the quarterfinals, according to gopoly.com. The men’s basketball team finished last season with an overall record of 4-20. Despite a recent winning season, women’s basketball […]



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