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Meet the men behind the blue

Aryn Sanderson The Blue Man Group broke its silence April 8. In a rare treat, Cal Poly students were able to interact with the Blue Man Group unmasked and outside of character. Cal Poly Theatre and Dance Department, in conjunction with Expressive Technology Studios, hosted Blue Man Group performers Russell Rinker and Shane Andries […]

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“Hair”-raising Broadway show to rock PAC

Aryn Sanderson Does a futile war, a disappointed younger generation and an outrageous anti-establishment movement sound a little too familiar? “Hair” — a groovy musical jam-packed with sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll — will hit the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center tonight. “We have found a much younger audience coming to see this […]

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The hour we knew nothing of a play

A madwoman runs wildly across the University Union (UU) Plaza after dark. A firefighter appears for 15 seconds before disappearing without a word as a beauty in mirrored clothing glances through a hole in a leaf. Couples come together and break up, random strangers become friends and enemies plot against one another — all without speaking. […]

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Sixties musical hits SLO

The ‘60s saw an American launched into space, a wall built through Berlin and one of the biggest cultural revolutions our nation has ever seen. Now fans of the bygone era can revisit their roots with San Luis Obispo’s rollicking musical “My Generation.” The show, which follows a young couple in the difficult transition from […]