The delivery service Quickie was launched late last year by two Cal Poly business administration sophomores who were looking for a fast solution to get snacks and basic items on campus.

“It’s all about convenience. We’re students who understand how stressful college is and it makes it a lot easier for students,” business administration sophomore and co-founder of Quickie Matthew Menno said.

05/16/22 – SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA: The Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship hosts the May Forum 2022 at the Performing Arts Center San Luis Obispo on May 16, 2022. Photo by Ruby Wallau for CIE

After receiving positive feedback from the community after a soft launch of the service in November 2021, Menno and co-founder William Tregenza decided to apply for the Cal Poly Summer Accelerator Program.

This program is offered by Cal Poly’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for students and recent alumni to receive mentorship and weekly workshops from speakers in the start up world. The Accelerator Program provides students $10,000 to use toward growing their business.

“We went in there and we were like, ‘let’s try it, worse case we don’t get it,’” Menno said.

After making it to the final rounds, Quickie was awarded the $10,000 in May to help further their business. Menno and Tregenza are planning to use the funds to open their own retail space for Quickie and to fund various promotional strategies.

“I think it’s a really good business model, especially for college campuses because it’s really, really quick, and [has] cheaper prices than other delivery apps,” computer science freshman and Quickie customer Gabriel Letchford said about the service.

Cal Poly students can get free delivery on their first order with the code ‘MUSTANGS’ on the Quickie website.