San Luis Obispo's parking program manager, Gaven Hussey, said one big goal is to create "a more walkable downtown" area.

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Finding the perfect spot to park in downtown San Luis Obispo can be a long and stressful process on some busier days. However, the city is in the works of remapping their Parking and Access Management Plan, a plan which hasn’t been updated in more than a decade.

The plan has been revised to make downtown as modern as can be with efficiency in mind. City officials are ready to begin work throughout the city to improve parking and access throughout and implement their new plans.

One of the long term projects underway is the construction of a new parking structure to be built on the existing parking lot at Palm and Nipomo Streets. A new app will also be created to give drivers updates on where to park — helping to cut down on the time drivers spend looking for parking and the emissions from circling.

Residents of San Luis Obispo can expect to see updates to bike lanes and pedestrian areas that improve safety, with construction already in process in multiple parts of the downtown area.