Vampire advocate to speak at Cal Poly

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  1. Jacob K. says:

    What next? A guest speaker who claims he can turn lead to gold? Actual Martians to talk about how global warming killed their planet?

    How is a fictional lifestyle (vampires don’t exist!) even related to “True Life”? This thing is about a month too late for April Fool’s Day.

    1. Scott says:

      took the words right out of my mouth. what a waste of money!

      Courtney Serafin: This is a respected university, not kindergarten. Stop wasting time and money. “Vampires” are not subjects to be studied, they are fantastical creatures. If you want to keep this trend up, maybe the next time we can get Harry Potter himself to show up and educate us about his troubles in Potions class.

      1. anon says:

        You dummies. She’s advocating “the vampire lifestyle” not really literal vampires.

        That’s like saying that people that live a goth style don’t exist just because the gothic language went extinct. stupid.

  2. Brian Richter says:

    On one hand I try to give someone the benefit of the doubt especially when they are are discussing areas I have no experience in…vampires would be one of them.

    But with titles such“Psychic Vampire Codex,” “Sacred Hunger,” “Psychic Dreamwalking,” “The Psychic Energy Codex,” “Vampires in Their Own Words” and “Walking the Twighlight Path”…….COME ON!

    Without the stats right in front of me I would guess there are whites, blacks, asians, mexicans, americans, gays, straights, athletic, anorexic, right-wing, left-wing, environmentalists, people who think global warming is a croc, people who watch porn, people who go to church, etc etc etc….BUT NO ONE on campus is a vampire.

  3. Budget Cuts? says:

    How much are we paying Ms. Belanger to come speak?

  4. Brenda says:

    Whether you want to believe it or not, there is energy all around you. It is mentioned in several cultures and is known my many different names, such as chi. There are people who can manipulate energy. Ever feel tingles on your skin when someone touches you? A psychic vampire is a person that doesn’t have enough internal energy to keep them going. It’s like when you’ve had a full nights sleep and a little later you’re completely drained. The psychic vampire can pull external energy in to keep them going.
    Don’t badmouth things that you don’t know about. It’s not polite.

    1. John says:

      I bet.

  5. Melissa says:

    I’m pretty sure that this person is no “psychic vampire”. That refers to a person who is negative all the time and sucks the life out of you because they always have problems.
    Had you read the article, you would see that this person claims to be a vampire.
    Honestly, this speaker seems ridiculous. I’m all for studying energy flow, and things of that nature. But lumping in people who think they are vampires with buddist monks who study chi is apples and oranges. one is fake and one is real.

    How is this being paid for? Why is money being wasted on this crap when it could be used for gee, I don’t know, something USEFUL and educational instead? Especially in liue of budget cuts in many areas on campus, to have something this utterly outlandish and silly is a slap in the face to real speakers who could come instead.

    1. Tara says:

      Actually, a psychic vampire is not “negative all the time” and doesn’t “suck the life out of you because they always have problems”. If you would have taken to the time to research your argument a little more you would have learned that psychic vampires are simply individuals who lack the ability to create their own sustainable energy…even a full night’s sleep doesn’t give them the rest they require therefor they “feed” off of the energy of others….it has nothing to do with them being negative or always having problems…before you comment on something you might wanna do some research and LEARN about what your arguing against that way you don’t sound like such an ignorant prat. Maybe for you these types of people don’t exists, but colleges and universities have the right to promote and teach whatever courses or topics they so wish without your apparently much needed approval. Get off your high horse; don’t attend something if you dont want to support it but dont bash it or knock simply because YOU dont like it…grow up. Just because YOU dont believe in something doesnt mean it doesnt exist…

  6. Thaddeus Black says:

    It is interesting from many different aspects if you ask me. Understanding different beleifs, philosophies and concepts is always fun…well I enjoy it.

    I would doubt that it is correct to presume that anyone KNOWS the dispistion of everyone on campus, and I think you might be surprised at how many people turn out. I watched an A&E special where they talked to Nurses, Lawyers, Police officers all who claimed this same disposition. Sure they might all be nuts, but than you might just be very closed minded too.


  7. anon says:

    You dummies. She’s advocating "the vampire lifestyle" not really literal vampires.

    That’s like saying that people that live a goth style don’t exist just because the gothic language went extinct. stupid.

    1. Melissa says:

      Then, why, pray tell, would she associate her talk with Twilight and do a showing of it at the end? I’m sorry, but the only reason they seem to have thrown that in there was to get the Twilight fans to come and fill the talk that would otherwise probably be empty.

      Ps – calling people “dummies” is not an effective way to argue. Name calling is not an argumentation style. Gothic people and Vampires are totally different. You’re comparing two things that have nothing to do with one another. One is a lifestyle. One is a fictional character that does not exist.

  8. Brenda says:

    Having met Michelle before I would like to say that she is a really great person.
    I would also like to say that I use energy from other people. I am a psychic vampire. And I’m not a negative person. On the whole, I’m very upbeat and happy.
    People shouldn’t scoff at beliefs that are different. We should learn to accept others and their beliefs and let new knowledge enrich our lives. Maybe there’s something more about the world you could learn.

  9. Zero says:

    As a hybrid vampire, both psi and sanguinarian, I must say that many of the posters here are incredibly close minded. Belanger is coming to inform you on something that many people outside the community itself do not understand. Vampires do not claim to be immortal, we’re human just like you, we simply require extra sustenance. Who are you to say definitively what is real, and what is not? Have you experienced these needs for yourself? No, you haven’t, so who are you to judge? You do realize, that for the longest time, doctors thought people with Lupus were insane? Our condition is simply not widely understood as of yet. We’re not turned, we’re born this way, and realize later in life. We are not the supernatural monsters from legend, and that assumption is one you need to push out of your mind when discussing this topic. Yes, immortal sparkling beasts are fictional. Real people who may have light sensitivity, and require blood, energy, or both from consenting donors however, are not. Be mote open-minded. It is a trait that will help you greatly in the long run.

    1. Gypsy says:

      Thank you Zero (from one hybrid to another) for always being the voice of knowledge and reason. I’m afraid the info you and Michelle provides falls on deaf and dumb ears. It’s the true curse of the “v” word.

  10. Thaddeus Black says:

    OK so you guys got my attention. I checked the web out, read a lot, and came to the conclusion that “Real Vampires” are actually more in line with eastern philosophies than fictional vampires. With that understanding and after reading some of her works, I would have to say that the development of the Chi and physical and mental temple of the individual is worthy of consideration, even if philosophies held by others are not in sync the mainstream.

    I would find it pretty easy to say that for collage students some of the respondants are very very close minded, and seriously lack the mentality to research and understand before opening their yap.

    The Point of a comparision between Twilight and Real Vampirism is to compare and contrast as a means to show the differences and clear up misconceptions…like the ones these same respondants made. Given the choice between ignorance and knowledge it is a shame when students choose ignorance.


  11. Nate says:

    So here we go,educating people is great but what I don’t understand is why people get so frustrated when it comes to Vampires when Vampires are most peoples fantasy,Plus the whole blood thing ancients practiced & it was meant for spiritual beliefs and enlightenment,And what I find wrong is the fact that most humans consume blood don’t get me started ,because the fact of the matter here is Humans consume more blood than you could imagine by eating a raw steak,burger need I say more the animals that are consumed and placed on your lovely dinner table has been murdered & tortured for no reason but to only feed humans ?,I thought this was 2010 ?,

    we have other means of staying healthy without putting a corpse, inside of our bodies.rain forest are being destroyed to feed society the Ice age ended long ago,do your research

    Here is where I come back to Vampires it is something that people will continue to not understand,And will have to continue learning as if going to school on the very first day

    When people start to wake up and find themselves truly enlightened And not by trend than maybe there will be some hope.

    and all of the ridiculous judging will come to an end.

    Energy surrounds us all, if you are aware .

  12. Gabriel says:

    Vampire’s (Sanguinarians and Psychics) do exist, but the world hasn’t changed really only your perception of it.

  13. Janet says:

    I agree with you Nate,humans consume blood all of the time but than try to mock vampires with such disrespect .

    When you are in the kitchen cooking a meal you can see the blood from the raw meat you have in front of you,

    You have to cook the meal heavily but even than you are still ingesting dead flesh
    from a poor helpless animal that was brutally murdered and tortured.

    So to mock something that is wrong in societies eyes like vampires is like talking before ever getting to understand the true nature of it’s value ,

    It is legal for humans to eat meat but wrong for people to be themselves?
    sounds a bit backwards to me.

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