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  1. Robert says:

    You have to win to put people in the seats. Tim Walsh doesn’t.

    In his 10 years at Cal Poly, half the seasons he’s served as head coach have been non-winning seasons. This includes last year’s 1-10 season, the second worst single season record in the last 50 years at Cal Poly.

    What’s worse, unlike Rich Ellerson, the coach who proceeded him and brought an super exciting version of the triple option to Cal Poly along with lots of winning, Walsh has not had a single player he’s recruited and developed at Cal Poly drafted into the NFL..

    Fan want wins and they want consistency. The want to see players do well and achieve the next level of football. Coach Walsh has only been consistent at being inconsistent. His 56-62 overall record, two post seasons in 10 years and no wins in the NCAA playoffs is the reason nobody shows.

    It should be noted, for his performance, AD, Don Oberhelman, and President Jeffrey Armstrong awarded Coach Walsh a 5-year contract extension and a handsome pay increase following his 7-5 season in 2016. A record that would get coaches at most universities fired.

    Since the extension was put in place, Coach Walsh’s Mustangs have gone 4-16.

    Go Mustangs!!

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