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Georgie de Mattos

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The new quarter is here, and with the holidays behind us the transition from home-cooked meals to notebooks may be difficult. No matter the major, our priorities must be altered once again to fit the time and effort that goes into our satisfaction with grades at the end of March. If you find yourself in so many places at once that it’s hard to focus and be motivated for winter quarter, here are 10 ways to inspire you to look forward while appreciating your favorite moments from winter break.

1. Give yourself something to look forward to.

Plan a road trip with some friends or a getaway camping trip on the coast. Giving yourself something to look forward to inspires you to do well and helps you enjoy your trip while afterward feeling accomplished.


2. Stock up on groceries.

The more food you have in close proximity, the less you’ll feel compelled to procrastinate by going out to eat. Cook your favorite comfort food and treat yourself during long study sessions.

3. Get creative with your note taking.

Scavenge up a few colored pens from your desk and use them to their full potential in class. Draw pictures to help you remember concepts, write big and be bold with what’s important.


4. Work efficiently during class and lab to lighten your load later. 

Landscape architecture juniors Emily Barlog and Claire Thompson provided a helpful hint. The two agree that using your time wisely while in class will ease the workload later on. If you put in effort to understand concepts and ask questions, homework will be easier to grasp.

5. Pick up a special at High Street … and, of course, one of the Doobie Snacks for the road.

There are different specials offered every day and new specials for this quarter. Do yourself a favor.


6. Plan ahead.

Kinesiology senior Carlos Lara advised to “put everything in a planner.” It may be simple, but doing this one action may have a larger impact than you’d assume.

7. Hike Bishop Peak.

If there’s anything that will make you feel like you’re on top of the world, it’s Bishop Peak. Look over the newly green hills and reflect on how far you’ve come.


8. Create incentives.

Treat yourself. After studying for an hour or two, head downtown for frozen yogurt or an ice cream sandwich. Promise yourself something enjoyable after hitting the books for a decent amount of time.

9. Pick up a hobby.

Although it may be long term, picking up a hobby can be stimulating. Whether it’s learning how to do the perfect cartwheel or learning how to play the violin, what piques your interest will keep you inspired throughout the quarter.


10. Break up larger assignments into smaller ones. 

English professor Mark Roberts suggested to break up big assignments into portions, scheduling each portion separately to get one large task done over time. He added, “it takes a lot less work to stay current than it does to catch up.”

Most importantly, be proud of yourself and appreciate this fresh start to winter quarter. You’ll be headed to the beach before you know it.

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