The Mustang News photo team has worked tirelessly to show you what is going on in our community. Whether it’s a photo assignment or a personal project, the photo team has put their all into the work they do. From Week of Welcome (WOW), to concerts, to film festivals and the rodeo, the photo team was there.

Every member of the photo team picked out their favorite photos they took this academic year. Continue scrolling to see the best photos from the photo team and why they are their favorites.

Emilie Johnson – Mustang News photo editor

The Morro Bay Rock at sunset. I love this photo because the reflection of the glassy beach was so beautiful and made for some dreamy photos.

Andy Sherar

I took this photo of college band Kiwi Kannibal in SLO while shooting a music video for their song, Swimmer Boy. My favorite part of making the video was working with a really talented team of people and integrating their ideas into a video that’s more than the sum of it’s parts!

Maddie Harrell

I took this photo during the first game of the Cal Poly Baseball vs. UCSB game at Baggett Stadium. Right away, when I saw this picture on the camera preview screen, it stood out to me because it show’s how much exertion Drew Thorpe puts in his pitch.
This photo was taken while the national anthem played at the 80th annual Cal Poly Royal Rodeo. I like how you can only see the shadow of Cal Poly’s Rodeo Queen, Megan Sharp , while she performs her favorite responsibility of carrying the American flag. Credit: File / Mustang News

Jackie Espitia

This is a photo of my friend Alex which I took for my editorial photography class. I would say this is one of my best photographs because it has a lot of my favorite qualities in a photograph in one – reflection, saturated color, glow, and there is so much detail. Credit: Jackie Espitia | Mustang News
This is a photo of Tanya Ravichandran from last month’s issue. It was a long, fun evening of shooting and right after we decided to wrap up we spontanously decided to move to another spot to get some quick pictures by this rock and they ended up being my favorites from the whole shoot.

Fenn Bruns

A collage I made based on feeling disconnected to the people around me no matter how close we may be. The isolation that mental illness creates for me was the main focus of this piece.

Eyasu Betwos

Lauren Flaherty barrel racing at the 2022 Cal Poly Rodeo in April. I like this photo because there is so much going on: the golden hour, Lauren succeeding going around the barrel, the horse’s leg mid-air and lastly because it was my first picture at my first rodeo, of which I am very proud of.

Emmy Scherer

I love this photo because it was really fun to shoot and experiment with concert photography! I used a broken CD to reflect the light from the stage, which made for a cool effect on the photo.

Shae Ashamalla

This photo was taken during the first day WOW. It’s one of my favorites because WOW was one of my first photo assignments of the year, and you can see a little bit of Bishop’s Peak in the background.
This photo was taken of Kristen Stewart on the red carpet at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in March. Covering the festival was so much fun, which is why this photos is one of my favorite photos from this year.

Tiana Reber

Waves crashing, with San Francisco’s golden gate bridge in the background.
Sun Room performing at SLO Brew on March 31.

Kayla Stuart

On May 7th, the Cal Poly baseball team hosted an event called Bark in the Park. A club that I am a part of, Poly Pups, got to walk on the field with Guide Dog puppies in Training. This is a photo of a few baseball team members with a dog from the San Luis Obispo Guide Dogs club.
This photo was taken at the women’s beach volleyball match vs USC on April 15th. I captured this right before the player was about to serve. It is the decisive moment that the player has to make before serving.