Local business owner George Peterson explains plans to ensure The Hub will not affect nearby resident's way of life at a city council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022. Credit: Jeffrey Garza | Mustang News

After four months of reviewing a SLO resident's concerns, city council approved The Hub to be located near a neighborhood.

After four months of delays due to San Luis Obispo resident concerns, a new community market called The Hub is headed to Monterey Street.

The market, spearheaded by local entrepreneur and Central Coast Brewing owner George Peterson, is a culmination of eight local business owners working together to create a space for all San Luis Obispo residents and tourists to enjoy. The project was approved at a Sept. 20 city council meeting.

But in close proximity to Cal Poly’s campus, Peterson said he envisions The Hub to be a new “hot spot” for students.

The market will feature live music, a coffee shop, kombucha store, an assortment of beer and seltzers, bikes available for rent and more.

“I could see myself really using this space,” liberal studies freshman Sierra Weisenberger said. “I like live music, and I could see me and my roommates going down there for that. I think it would be a good addition to the community.”

The business owners aim to bring in a blend of locals, students and tourists to all enjoy the “artistic and active lifestyle community that has made SLO famous.”

“We have a whole team of forward thinking individuals that want to be part of this … all local, and we’re all trying to do something that we can all enjoy,” Peterson said.

The Hub will occupy a vacant building adjacent to a residential neighborhood, which was the primary cause of concern for individuals attending the city council meeting. The building was formerly occupied by Daylight Home and Garden, which is an indoor and outdoor furniture and decor store. 

The existing building intended to house The Hub, obtained from project plans.

Although the building is separated from any residential areas by San Luis Obispo Creek, some residents nearby are concerned about how The Hub would affect the neighborhood. 

SLO resident Hana Novak grew worried when she heard word of the partners’ plans to get the business approved, as she lives close to the prospective site. She claimed the business would not be in compliance with Ordinance 1651, which rezoned where tourist attractions and businesses could be located in 2018. 

“I was very involved with the crafting of 1651, which is the ordinance that affects this area that replaced the old one. It was due to the incredible advocacy on part of the neighborhood and they were very specific because they’re concerned that a hotel was coming in,” Vice Mayor Carlyn Christianson said. 

The rezoning settled concerns for many residents, until The Hub entered the picture. 

“At the May 11 planning commission hearing, several of the commissioners stated that they thought the project was exempt from Ordinance 1651 and approved the project,” Novak said at the Sept. 20 meeting. “We feel that the proposed project uses are not compatible with the adjacent residential uses and lack adequate buffering to mitigate potential offset impacts.” 

During her speech to the council, Novak spoke on the changes to her lifestyle that may occur if the city grants an exemption to The Hub like increased traffic, noise and light disturbances. The city council voted to reject Novak’s appeal. 

The Hub will open at 1701 Monterey Street and the businesses – Central Coast Brewing, KROBAR Craft Distillery, Nautical Bean Coffee, Art’s Cyclery, What The Truck Mobile Cuisine, Lone Oak Seltzer, SLO Axe and Whalebird Kombucha – hope it will be a massive success and useful space for Cal Poly students and SLO residents alike.

“We’re just excited to be part of Monterey Street,” Peterson said.

More information will soon be available at www.centralcoastbrewing.com.