Ever see stray cats in your neighborhood that could use some help? Well now there is Project M.E.O.W. 

Project M.E.O.W. is a fund from Woods Humane Society that supports the cost of sterilization surgery for community cats. 

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A community cat ranges from strays that can be feral and under-socialized, to friendly cats able to be adopted.

“Community cats are some of the most underserved animals within our county because they don’t have owners and they’re not traditional pets,” Veterinary Services Manager, Alesandra Belloumini, said. “You don’t always see them, you don’t get to cuddle with them, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need our help.”

Community cats are helped first by the volunteers that trap them.

“You hear about people shooting cats, poisoning cats I’m like that’s not population control, more cats will just move in to take their place,” local trapper Kayleigh Villars said.

Over 4,000 community cats have been altered, given a rabies vaccine and an ear tip at the Atascadero and San Luis Obispo locations.

It costs $25 for each alter, vaccine and ear tip.

If you find a community cat or wish to donate to Project M.E.O.W., contact Woods Humane Society directly at 805-540-2692 or on their website.

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