I would like to comment on Ms. Kasavan’s letter regarding the “Justice for All” exhibit. In her first paragraph, she states that there were people left feeling more confused and uncertain about where they stand on the issue of abortion after viewing the exhibit. Since I would have a hard time believing that a pro-life individual would suddenly be pro-abortion after having seen this display, I can only infer that the confused and uncertain individuals would be those who initially supported abortion. Thus, I would have to conclude that the exhibit accomplished its goal.

In her following paragraph, she mentions the 4,000 abortions are performed per day but then tries to equate that to rape, broken condoms or the inability to afford or access birth control – give me a break! There’s no way that there are 4,000 rapes or broken condoms per day or any combination thereof. Now, if all these women can’t afford birth control, how can they suddenly afford the abortion? Let’s get down to a scenario that’s more believable – the majority of abortions are being used as birth control by people who made a poor choice to begin with. If they’ve already made one bad choice, why should I believe that their next choice (i.e. abortion) will suddenly result in better judgment on their part?

Ms. Kasavan ends her letter stating “education leads to empowerment” so may I assume that college-educated women never get abortions (except for the oft-repeated exceptions of rape, incest or the life of the mother)? If that’s her conclusion, I’m not buying it.

Kevin Cumblidge

Cal Poly alumnus, 2002

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