Addressing domestic problems first is completely reasonable

Do you honestly believe that the president of the United States has the power to hide international news to bolster popularity ratings? You might as well accuse him of causing the earthquake to divert attention from the war in Iraq; it would make just as much sense, but it would be funnier.

I’m willing to venture here that you just plain don’t like George, which is fine, so long as you’re intelligent about it. He isn’t all powerful, and he isn’t evil incarnate. Are you really all that surprised that more money was spent on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina than on the earthquake in Pakistan? Do you think any president would have done differently? Personally, I’m not all that surprised that the government of the United States spends more money on its own people than on Pakistan, and I don’t think you should be either.

According to you, Pakistan is receiving $50 million from the U.S., $100 million from Kuwait and doubtless millions more from elsewhere. Don’t bite the hand that feeds. Better yet, if you think the $50 million that the U.S. is giving is so little, why don’t you start a charity, collect money and send it to Pakistan, instead of writing letters complaining about the actions of people who, so far, have done far more than you to help the earthquake victims.

Assaf Kremer

Computer engineering senior

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