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I’ve been an employee at Rangemaster now for more than a year. Our greatest concern (yes, I am speaking for every person at our store) is safety. Every student who comes to shoot in our range takes a test to ensure they know basic safety and then are instructed on safe handling and proper gun use. In a lot of cases, we will even have someone go in with the students to make sure they are doing everything safely and correctly. If that isn’t enough, we offer personal instruction which goes even further in-depth.

Ms. Haeussling, please do some research and tell me how many of the perpetrators of school shootings had any formal training or even an introduction to safety such as we do in our store. If you find a case, I will personally pay for an entire day’s worth of instruction and shooting for you and a friend. To say that our ad promotes school shootings is like saying that those “Under Four” ads promote drunk driving.

And you have even gone as far as to mock our ad in a paper it is not even in. Yes, I’ve seen your “New Times” article. We should all be glad to know that Haeussling’s opinion is worth much more than ours because she is from Germany and is better than most students at Poly. Oh, right, I forgot, she doesn’t define herself as “Poly,” that definition is too “greek mentality” for her.

If you don’t like guns or the NRA, that’s perfectly fine. But if you feel the need to mock the American rights of free speech, freedom of the press and the right to bear arms, please go back to Germany. Or should I remind you that one of the first actions of a fascist regime is to remove firearms from the hands of the people it wants to oppress?

Bill Willis is a social science senior and a guest columnist for the Mustang Daily.

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