Jack Ingram:

I’ve liked some of your pieces quite a bit. I especially liked the ones in which you swing about with a double-edged sword. You were mustering up some fine style near the end of last quarter, the opinion section was finally gaining some traction. Others … well weekly can get annoying, and your last was the worst, literally spoken and literally wrong, eh? Yes, politicians are very political about their timing and all but they haven’t brought this issue up for their own sake. Borderline hypocrisy hopping on people that blame immigrants for stuff, and then blaming politicians but I’m sure other responders will be keen enough to point that out.

The door is closed but the windows open, the window we let our secret lover in.

It would be so sad to close it, but we must to put a screen on it or something until the hornets calm because we already threw the rock. That’s why, after years and years of simply accepting the give-take relationship we’ve had, we must develop some sort of secret call so that we know it is our lover at the window and no other. I propose the “tap tup tup tap tap (pause) Tap Tap” knocking scheme because hornets will never figure that out. Our lover will understand the added complications, he knows how fussy we get when we’re stung.

Morgan Elam

General engineering senior

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