I would like to commend Aaron Baldwin for standing up for his beliefs in his response to Gale McNeeley. It takes a lot of courage to voice a conflicting opinion especially amidst this ridiculous “diversity” trend on campus. He is right about those gays and their “trite slogans” like “We are all equal!” He is also correct in presenting his view that “no one is born gay” and that “sexuality is a social decision” therefore they should not be protected as a minority or given special treatment.

His article has inspired me to follow suit and present my own frustration with the special treatment of another “minority” group. The other day I accidently sat down in a left-handed desk and it dawned on me how absurd it is that we even have left-handed desks. Scientists have failed to determine the definitive gene and biological cause for left-handedness and it doesn’t take an electrical engineer to realize that this means nobody is born left-handed and that obviously Lefties made a social decision to be that way.

Shortly after my desk incident I looked over and noticed someone writing with their left hand and getting ink all over it. I was disgusted; I couldn’t even imagine why someone would choose to write like that, it was totally different than the way I write

It was unnatural. I’ve started noticing people all over the place with smudges on their left hands; people working on campus, athletes, and even some professors. Why on earth do all these people choose to write with their left hands? Can’t they get help? I heard of some religious groups that have had some success with “corrective therapy” for Lefties involving a nun and a ruler.

The success of Prop 8 has motivated me to propose a new measure to rescind people’s right to write with their left hand. It’s dirty. Besides, who decided people could start writing with their left hands in the first place? When did it stop being considered a sin? The measure will still allow Lefties to type, which will provide them with all of the functions of writing so they should have no reason to complain. We Righties are the majority, we rule and we will not succumb to this group’s ridiculous demands.

Ryan Lockhart is an environmental horticulture junior and a guest columnist for the Mustang Daily.

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