Sometimes it is so much fun to sit down and dream. Think about the hypotheticals and make lists about what to do before leaving or traveling somewhere and moments to capitalize on when they arise — especially if it is with a special someone. The endless possibilities for romantic dates, day trips, athletic activities and lazy days spent together give a warm, fuzzy feeling of content.

Then there is the opposite side of the spectrum — the memories that induce immediate nausea and the type of regret that makes you want to bury your face in your hands.

Not even time can erase the awkwardness or disgust triggered by these moments. It becomes a skeleton kept deeply buried in the confines of a personal closet — don’t worry, everyone has one.

Here is a list of 20 great questions no one wants to hear or (heaven forbid) let slip out of their mouth.

  1. Do you know how long it takes for antibiotics to work?
  2. Do you know if (insert STI here) is contagious?
  3. So, can we turn the lights off now?
  4. Wait — is it supposed to taste like that?
  5. Did you eat (insert food here) recently?
  6. Is that sound normal?
  7. Didn’t you say you finished already?
  8. Is that blood … on your face?
  9. Can you “turn over a new leaf” tomorrow?
  10. Is it in? … Is it in the right one?
  11. Didn’t you say that has only happened to you once?
  12. Can I blame this one on the a-a-a-alcohol?
  13. Would you be comfortable if I talk this through in detail?
  14. Is that something in your teeth; can I get it out for you?
  15. Where did the condom go?
  16. Would you be offended if I went to sleep? … Would you be offended if I did it after you went to sleep?
  17. Isn’t that the name of your ex?
  18. What should we name the children?
  19. What’s your name again?
  20. Is that all you’ve got?

The ultimate, most widely used response to any of these being, “Don’t worry this kind of thing happens all the time.”

Obviously there is need to worry if someone feels compelled to tell you not to worry — don’t fall victim to believing either one of you will forget whatever was said. I say just hold your head high, move on and it would probably be a good idea to get out as fast as possible. Oh and whenever possible, try not to bring it up  — that is just cruel.

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