Freshman architecture students took to the catwalk to show off their original paper wearable designs in the “Humans” project Jan. 30. 

Students enrolled in Design and Visual Communication (ARCH 132) participated in a “fashion show” where they displayed their outfits depicting different types of movement in relationship to the environment.

Caitlin Scott | Mustang News

ARCH 132 is the second part to a three-part course series first-year students in the architecture major complete. The class focuses on two and three-dimensional design and visual communication in the architectural space.

Architecture assistant professor Emily White is one of nine professors who teaches the class. She said the project is a way for students to study themselves and how they relate to the human environment.

“The project is called ‘Humans’ and is intended to mediate the relationship between the body and the environment,” White said. “Students choose a site, such as a wall or a railing, and study themselves moving in that site to make a wearable.”

Video by Caitlin Scott

Freshman architecture student Caius Cowgill designed his wearable to depict the action of climbing. His outfit was a long, chevron-shaped skeleton that stretched up his spine and down his arms to his hands.

“The class is basically figuring out how to design and what it takes to do architecture,” Cowgill said. “But it is more about building the skills to do that in the future.”

Caitlin Scott | Mustang News

Held in the architecture building foyer, students strut down the stairs and across the “runway,” showcasing their projects while dancing to music that could be heard across campus.

Architecture freshman Sarah Holt said she was pleased overall with the project and the opportunity to participate in the show.  

“You know it’s midterm week and my friends ask me what midterms I have and I say, ‘Oh I have calculus and a fashion show,” said Holt. “That’s my week and that’s so fantastic.”

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