Cal Poly Students: the Arroyo Grande Village needs your help! At the Aug. 8 city council meeting the updated Creekside Development plans and scale model was submitted for the umpteenth time. Luckily Council deferred the project to a later date and voiced some concerns. As a business owner of the Chameleon Fabrics, Furniture & Design Store in the 100-year-old Loomis barn I feel that the project is lackluster and does not reflect what the community wants. I feel four of the male council members, in all due respect, lacked the vision and ***** to direct the steps of this project, so I am begging any student of design, urban planning, architecture or model building to volunteer fresh eyes and help our group proactively prepare a scale model of what truly could be the preservation of the Village’s charm. The hearing can be viewed on the public access channel for more information. Please call me at 481-4104 and mention Village Vision Project.

Camay Arad
Arroyo Grande

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