In regards to Zach Austin’s column on Monday, March 12, I would like to point out the numerous inaccuracies. Since Austin and I have had a long in-class discussion about CPAC, an event I attended, I am disappointed that Austin would misrepresent what happened. But, I want to be clear that I do not condone what Ann Coulter said.

First, there were no standing ovations (I was in the room when she made her remarks); even when she finished her speech no one stood up. (Feel free to look it up on YouTube, the video is from the end of her speech.)

Secondly, since when do the actions of one person reflect a group as a whole? If we start believing that shouldn’t I assume that all people who worry about global warming are hypocrites like Al Gore (He uses 20 times the average energy resources of people in his town, that sure is a way to help reduce his carbon footprint). I am sure Austin must then be proud of everything Bill Maher says too. The same day Coulter made her remark, he said that the assassination of Dick Cheney would be a good thing. (I really think condoning the assassination of someone is way more hateful than calling someone a name.)

Where is the outrage over that comment, Austin? Why haven’t the Democrats been denouncing a call to assassinate the vice president? Using your reasoning Austin, I have deduced that Liberals are a hypocritical, hateful and pro-assassination group. I guess that last part would make Liberals terrorists too.

Of course, I don’t believe this, but I wanted to point out the weakness of your argument. Now, let’s see, what do Conservatives have to say about Coulter’s remarks. Michelle Malkin, an influential Conservative said, “There are enough spewers of mindless filth, vulgarity, and hatred” in American life, “We don’t expect … that garbage at the nation’s pre-eminent Conservative gathering.” Time and time again Conservative leaders have denounced what Coulter had to say. Coulter is the shock jock of the right, and is not meant to be taken seriously.

Hans Poschman
Political science senior

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