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Two bands that will rock SLO

Allison Montroy amontroy@mustangdaily.net On one hand, the twangy, confessional rock songs of an indie-rock mainstay. On the other, four confessed bowl-packers’ beach-ready odes to all things chill. For those interested in any of the above shenanigans, two upcoming San Luis Obispo performances should be of note. The Expendables to perform back-to-back shows at SLO Brew Members of […]

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Here’s a little bit of old school for ya: Party with Aaron Carter at SLO Brew

Allison Montroy amontroy@mustangdaily.net The blond, spunky little heartthrob of the ’90s is coming to San Luis Obispo. Aaron Carter, perhaps best known for his 2000 hit single “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It),” has been somewhat off the radar since his 2009 stint on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” — until tonight, when he will take the […]



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