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BLOG: What is happening to Disney?

The Golden Age of Disney has faded. What would Uncle Walt think?

Snapshots in time: San Luis Obispo then and now

Take a glance at the past with these photographs of various locations in San Luis Obispo, matched with their present-day equivalents. Click here >

Students to swim with turtles

A volunteer study abroad program scheduled for this summer will give students the opportunity to work with, and learn about, sea turtle conservation and explore the Oaxaca Coast in Mexico.

Karaoke en Español brings students together through song

A karaoke event featuring popular Latino songs will be held today by the Cal Poly MultiCultural Center (MCC). “Karaoke en Español,” is an opportunity for students to sing along to popular Latino songs with microphone in hand.

Playwright brings Ireland to San Luis Obispo

When David Wallace drives along the California coast, he isn’t looking at the cold, crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean or craning his neck hoping to see whales on the horizon. He’s looking at the land: the stretches of grassy…

BLOG: A little Irish lore: shape-shifting, skin-shedding seals

While doing research for a recent article about a local Irish play, I became acquainted with the legend of the magical silkie. Also known as a selkie, selchie or roan, this creature can shape-shift from its true form as a…

Residents slice and dice in Poly Canyon Village

Cup Noodles and Easy Mac no longer need be the staples of the collegiate diet. Weekly cooking classes hosted in Poly Canyon Village help students learn how to do more than just boil water.

You can’t fool me, McDonald’s

A new McDonald’s commercial shows off its latest menu addition, “Scrumptious Fruit and Maple Oatmeal,” featuring some beautiful shots of cascading oats, glamorous fruit and a good-looking brunette chowing down on this classic breakfast favorite.

Original musical to honor DJ from the ’50s

Audiences may be shocked to find out Elvis Presley is not the king of rock ‘n’ roll. That title should belong to Alan Freed, a once blacklisted disc-jockey from the ’50s, according to Kevin Harris, director of San Luis Obispo…

About Valentine’s Day

Some facts that you probably didn’t know about Valentine’s Day in San Luis Obispo

Science Café explains genealogy with ‘The Tree of Life’

Charles Darwin, one of the first evolutionary biologists, was born 202 years ago. Students and faculty chewed to his success and birthday with celebratory cake Wednesday, three days before his actual birthday.