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Poetic inspiration: Women’s History Month

Kat McGill, better known in the poetry world as Simply Kat, will bring her emotionally-charged brand of poetry to center stage just in time for Women’s History Month. McGill, performing at this month’s Another Type of Groove: Spoken Word Poetry,…

Poly seismic project holds steady for win

Civil engineering and architectural engineering students recently constructed a scale model of a building and walked away with first place in a national seismic design competition in Salt Lake City, Utah. The competition was hosted through the Earthquake Engineering Research…

Tattoo removal offers chance to fade the past

At 16, I was free-spirited, rebellious and fearless in the face of adrenaline. At a local tattoo parlor, I searched for a design that represented my current thoughts about life.

Students win sole U.S. award in Italian flower competition

Horticulture and crop science students traveled to Sanremo, the flower capital of Italy, in January and received the “Best Historical and Iconographic Research” award at the 2009 Festival dei Fiori.

Health services fee could increase

If approved, students will be facing a $30 per quarter increase of the health services fee alongside any other potential fee increases that may occur. This feel will afford three additional health professionals, three counselors and additional psychiatrists and could start fall quarter 2009.

Russian ballet company brings Cinderella to the PAC

Cinderella will tip-toe into Cal Poly on her glass slippers Tuesday as the State Ballet Theatre of Russia presents their version of the classic ballet.

More than 40 different ballet companies have produced adaptations of Cinderella since 1901, and there have been over 1,500 versions of the tale of Cinderella created over time.

Colleges of Science and Math, Education merge

Cal Poly’s College of Education and the College of Liberal Arts’ liberal studies major will combine with the College of Science and Mathematics later this year. The move plans to improve the state of Cal Poly’s finances and help the school produce more qualified K-12 science and math teachers.

Cal Poly upholds that electives are necessary

Have you ever wondered why colleges require students to take elective courses to receive a degree? How will a class on the social construction of whiteness or a bowling elective help a student grow and succeed in the future?

A non-partisan nationwide network called Americans for Limited Government (ALG) said that eliminating some classes from course requirements will save taxpayers millions of dollars by shortening the time needed to graduate from California State University and University of California schools to two years.

Multicultural Center to host poet Prentice Powell for “Another Type of Groove”

This month’s “Another Type of Groove” will feature slam poet Prentice Powell, whose poetry focuses on issues like social justice and race. His performance will be among many campus events in honor of February’s Black History Month.

Powell was the 2007 Black Music Awards Spoken Word Artist of the Year and 2006 Oakland/San Francisco Grand Slam Champion.

Photographic look at grain that feeds the world

Landscape photographer, book designer and part-time Cal Poly and Cuesta College fine art instructor Patty Arnold has found new respect for the little grain that feeds the world.

Integrating a mixture of agricultural, recreational, environmental, political and historical research, her “Season of Rice” documentary photo exhibit of eastern and western rice farming is on display at the San Luis Obispo Art Center.

Performance: A world without racial discrimination

“Debunking the Myth: N*gger Wetb*ck Ch*nk, The Race Show,” will present hip-hop, slam poetry and real life stories tonight as part of a show designed to reduce racial tension. The event will take place tonight at 8 in Chumash Auditorium.

The show’s performers and co-writers Miles Gregley, Rafael Agustin and Allan Axibal use comedy and entertainment to tell stories from their personal ethnically diverse backgrounds with the hope of deconstructing the racial stereotypes in America.