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Local and international internships that make difference

Sustainability-oriented and green-minded internships may just be a more fulfilling way to spend your summer during a down economy.

Vertical farms could supply fresh produce year round

Columbia University professor Dickson Despommier has generated a fair amount of attention with his concept for “vertical farms,” stacked, self-contained urban biosystems that would — theoretically — supply fresh produce for city residents year round.

Future of innovation is reliant on nature

Biomimicry is the redesign of industrial processes and products based on new understandings of how natural systems and creatures accomplish similar ends — and it may be the most promising branch of the growing sustainable design movement.

Is green suburbia really possible?

Forty miles north of San Francisco, on the site of a former industrial park, work is underway on the ambitious new Sonoma Mountain Village, a 200-acre development that aims to be truly sustainable.

Find your niche in the scheme of green

Anyone with a successful career has at some point taken an inventory of their skills and interests and funneled them into a position that pays. Turn what you are merely good at into a career you love by finding a way integrate sustainability into your area of expertise.

Corporate lobbyist transparency needed for the green age

See, a huge number of companies make modest improvements in practices, but lobby all-out, in a variety of ways, to stall the adoption of higher standards, better land-use practices, green taxes or even health and safety regulations. And the impacts of those lobbying efforts usually far, far outweigh the good they claim to be doing with their pilot green efforts.

Green Spot: We could learn from the Danes

In Forbes magazine’s “Best Countries For Business, 2009,” the No. 2 pick is the good ol’ USA, but Forbes’ No. 1 country for business — for the second year in a row — is uber-green Denmark!

Bad economy can’t crush spirit of a (green) entrepreneur

It is not the best of times for the green industry. We are sometimes susceptible to that pervasive feeling of dread and doubt that hovers over us like a thick blanket of Los Angeles smog.

Economists finally agree: Mother Nature doesn’t do bailouts

Ask a random sample of journalists whether our top scientists agree on the basics of climate science, and they’ll surely say yes: Greenhouse gases are warming the Earth, man is the cause and we have to reduce emissions, or else.…

China, U.S. should work together for greener future

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who will make her first visit to China in just a few weeks, will likely set a new tone for U.S. foreign relations towards the country. Among other issues, she’s expected to discuss climate change, an issue that should be dealt with by the two countries focusing on their similarities rather than their differences.