Bethany Abelson
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Ditch the liquor store, put yeast to work

What do beer, Kombucha and Amish friendship bread all have in common? Besides the fact that they all taste delicious, they are all fermented foods and beverages you can make.

Bring people together for a feast

What is the best way to gather friends and family to spend time together celebrating the joys of life?

Snacking to fill you up, not leave you hungry

It’s 3 p.m., you have an hour break before your next few classes and you’re pretty hungry. You wander around the Avenue staring at the chips.

Flintstones vitamins may not be enough anymore

Since childhood, we have been told to eat our vegetables and take our Flintstones vitamin.

Eating competitions not taken lightly

A five pound burrito, 50 hot dogs and hot wings so spicy you have to sign a waver to eat them — sounds like enough food to feed an army.

Some foods cannot be enjoyed by all

Do you ever wonder why Jews cannot eat pork or why Mormons cannot drink coffee? The obvious reason is because it is against their religion, but do you know why it is against it?

Unique produce to impress your guests

Are you bored with general fruits and vegetables lately? Do you want something a little more interesting then the average apple or simple salad?

Zesty citrus will liven your food

When you are eating a piece of chicken breast or some leftover pasta do you ever wonder how you could improve the flavor in a fast way that will not make you start from scratch?

Quantity versus quality: Pros and cons of SLO grocery stores

You’re hungry, you have little spare time, and you need to buy groceries but with so many different stores how do you decide where to shop?

Hummus: the (not so) new superfood

In a university filled with gluten-sensitive students, vegetarians, Jews and people who just want to eat something delicious exist, there is one food that rises above all else: hummus.

High Holidays! Jewish high holidays provide fun in the kitchen

From my major, to eating, to watching the Food Network, the topic of food is on my mind most hours of the day. I view food as something I put into my body for nutrition and taste as well as a way to bring people together; food makes the world go round.