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A journey to India

caitlin donnell I woke up to a musty aroma that was so pungent and sharp, that it roused me out of bed.  I peered out my porthole that morning from the ship and knew ” we had arrived in India. I had overslept and missed my usual tradition of waking before dawn on mornings that […]

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Stand up and be heard

It is not unusual to be the only woman in many of the engineering classrooms at Cal Poly, or in the industry, a position many of these women have not faced until coming to Cal Poly to be an engineering student. “I came to Cal Poly from an all- girls high school where I was […]

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Students applaud budget proposal

Graphic Design by Louise Dolby The California State Student Association (CSSA) praised Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s budget proposal that he announced Tuesday would eliminate fee increases at California colleges and universities. The proposed budget provides nearly $2.8 billion in state general fund revenue to the California State University (CSU) system. This represents a 7.3 percent increase […]

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In a world of their own

Caitlin Donnell Trudging along in her steel toe boots, her long blonde hair concealed under a construction hard hat, Betsy Sale grips her set of blueprints and holds her head high against the degrading comments from the male contractors on site, who questioned her capabilities and qualifications – simply because she is a young woman. […]