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Mustangs cruise past Anteaters

Cal Poly women’s basketball team extended it’s winning streak to five as the rallied behind sophomore guard Kristin Santiago and junior forward Becky Tratter to beat UC Irvine 61-50 Thursday in Mott Gym.

Coming into Thursday’s game, the Anteaters (5-17, 2-7) were having some success of their own, winning two of their last three contests and getting their first two conference wins.

Don’t forget about Dre

People don’t usually end up living the life they dreamed about when they were young. There just isn’t enough room for everyone to become a doctor, astronaut, actor, athlete or any other title that made the lofty list of possibilities. However, there are those select few who ignore that reasoning, stick to the initial plan and prevail anyway.

Loose python home safe and sound

Parents of small children and pet owners can breathe a little easier today after a 23-foot, 130-pound Reticulated Python reported missing by a San Luis Obispo resident was found at approximately 1:15 p.m. Monday in a neighbor’s backyard near Foothill Boulevard.

What foreign policy game will Obama play?

As the week of Nov. 4 wound down, there was only one issue that made me nervous. It wasn’t the economy, it wasn’t science and it wasn’t social rights. I was scared about what may happen to our efforts in the War on Terror.

Obama was elected and, to be honest, I was unresolved about his good-natured approach to everything.

SF Symphony makes rare appearance in San Luis Obispo

Turn the bass down, throw out the auto-tune lyrics and save the hard-hitting beats for another time. It’s time to set aside the artificial noises and capture the organic instrumentation when the San Francisco Symphony (SFS) strolls into town.

As part of its 10-day West Coast Tour that starts in Seattle, Wash.

Crashing classes? Bring your rabbit’s foot, four-leaf clover and lucky socks

As we emerge from the hectic first week of school, we breathe a collective sigh of relief as the stress of finding classes, buying books and getting acquainted with new schedules is behind us. Or is it? We are all aware of the incredible lack of classes available each quarter and the disappointment of being at the end of a long waitlist.

Poly’s own represented in inaugural quilt celebration

Just a short week after President-elect Barack Obama was voted into office, Denise Campbell received a phone call that presented her with the opportunity of a lifetime – an invitation to take part in celebrations leading up to the president’s inauguration.

Cal Poly falls to Cal State Fullerton on ESPNU

The Mustangs (3-10, 0-3 Big West Conference) fell to Cal State Fullerton (7-8, 1-2) 86-82 in Mott Gym in a game that was nationally televised by ESPNU. Cal Poly senior guard Chaz Thomas led the Mustangs with 23 points.

Titans senior guard Josh Akognon led all scorers with 26 points.

Mac Attack: more students are turning to Apple

The day of salvation is finally here for Cal Poly civil engineering student Chris Decool. He comes bursting through the door of his one-story home on the outskirts of San Luis Obispo. His roommates turn their necks from the TV to see Decool wiggling loose from his backpack as he scrambles toward his room.