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Saying goodbye to Movember

Marvel at a few good mustaches before the month ends.

Campus hangover: Cal Poly’s not-so-dry alcohol policies

The smell of barbecued pig filled the air. Friends and strangers gathered around ice chests of cold brew, shared a beverage and prepared for the excitement to ensue. A ping-pong ball whizzed through the air, interrupted by a ker-plunk into a red cup.

Panel to consider legalizing weed, no word yet if Cal Poly would follow

Cal Poly spokesperson Matt Lazier declined to discuss the hypothetical of marijuana becoming legal in California, saying the university would only review its policies after the law changes.

Professors become Coleman Fellows

The Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship selected Lorraine Donegan, Mary Glick and Lynn Metcalf to participate in the Coleman Foundation Faculty Entrepreneurship Fellows Program.