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The Billy Nayer Show’s ‘Stingray Sam’ takes guitars to outer space in movie, film

With somewhat Dadaistic lyricism, “Stingray Sam” is the sort of thing that just is. It’s art for the sake of art, an exploration into technique with a developed sense of taste

The Tallest Man on Earth serves up a tall order with release of new CD

I present to you The Tallest Man On Earth along with the argument that he is the epitome of good singing and songwriting. His newest album “The Wild Hunt,” is his second LP but the first with can-do-no-wrong record label Dead Oceans, is a beautifully crafted specimen that hides behind nothing.

Woods’ album takes listener back to distant memories and emotions

Woods, for me, has always been a go-to band, no matter the mood. They are astoundingly good.

Carnivores create a ‘pleasant’ experience on new album

Blending lo-fi tropicalia with pop-punk sensibilities, Carnivores is different without being too busy. It’s just wonderful trip through our personal awareness of life, death, sex and necrophilia.

Disappears takes the listener back to high school, in a good way

I couldn’t help but feel like I was getting suckered into liking a band I was really into in high school, or a band I liked a year ago, or some other art/space/bedroom/garage-punk band. But now I realize why.

Future Islands brings sincerity to new album

I’ve been acquainted with Future Islands for a little while now; we met through a mutual friend a little over a year ago and have spoke with each other on various occasions in passing.

White Hinterland adds sex appeal to newest release

White Hinterland’s Kairos undermines the shallowness of the one night stand and has the power to arouse a deeper connection.

Gonjasufi blends sincerity and sex appeal

Gonjasufi isn’t your run of the mill, hippy-dippy yoga instructor that is just regurgitating stale clichés that are typical of the niche.

Drowning with the Underwater Peoples

It took the soaring guitar of Alex Bleeker and the Freaks and their self-titled album to give me the balls (or the naiveté) to try to describe the kind of music that this label puts out.

Toro y Moi employs unique language in “Causes of This” album

Toro Y Moi, meaning “Bull and Me” in Spanish and French, respectively, is what cassettecouture.com describes as “chill-wave.”

The Endless Bummer may or may not make music you enjoy

This review is completely absurd. You should know it’s absurd and completely unnecessary.