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May registration system aims to help students

Fall registration for continuing students will begin May 6. Students will not pay fall registration fees until July, and class offerings are scheduled with the assumption that the College Based Fee increase will be implemented. Additionally, all incoming freshmen will be block scheduled for their first quarter at Cal Poly.

Log out. Facebook is lowering your GPA

A recent study found that Facebook users spend less time studying and have lower GPAs than students who don’t log on. Although the study itself doesn’t seem to be very well conducted, it draws attention to the obvious fact that Facebook is a huge distraction.

Cal Poly ranks third in country for waves

Last month, ranked Cal Poly the third best surf school in America. Factors that went into the decision were difficulty to get accepted, difficulty of curriculum, the nightlife, access to surf, size of waves, whether surf classes and a surf team were offered.

Make the most of the heat

The spike in warm weather temperatures certainly isn’t characteristic of SLO. Without air conditioning in most student housing where can you go to escape the heat? Here are some suggestions on how to have a little fun while this heat wave lasts.

Hot spots for Cal Poly surfers

Cal Poly was recently voted as the No. 3 surf school in the United States by Surfline, just trailing No. 2 UC Santa Cruz and No. 1 UC San Diego. Use this interactive map to find the top surf spots for Cal Poly surfers along with photos and quotes from surfers themselves.

Imagen Y Espiritu tells heritage through moves

As the music sounds and the footwork begins, Imagen Y Espiritu Ballet Folklorico de Cal Poly is not just performing a dance, but expressing the folklore of a multitude of Mexican cultures.The club learns about a specific Mexican state each quarter.

Cal Poly students get creative — sew what?

It all started when his mother gave him a sewing machine for Christmas. Within weeks, art and design junior Adam Wirdak taught himself to sew and started a customized T-shirt line with a friend.

Logging team chops and rolls

Chainsaws, axes and log rolling are all in a day’s work for the Cal Poly Logging Team. The team competed in the 70th Annual Association of Western Forestry Clubs Conclave last month at both the Redwood Acres Fairground in Eureka,…

Snowboarders win big in Mammoth

Cal Poly unexpectedly surpassed competition from 52 different colleges and universities to score first place in the fourth-annual Red Bull Snow Warz just before spring break.

Lion, Witch and Wardrobe to enchant Poly this weekend

“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” musical is based on the first novel from C.S. Lewis’ series “The Chronicles of Narnia” and it’s coming to Cal Poly’s Spanos Theatre.