Jeremy Hicks
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Stimulus lures with promise of instant gratification

After all the froth over the stimulus bills lately, I am convinced that this country is dominated by two classes. The first class is made up of those weak- and wishful-minded, often called Democrats.

For a healthy mind, take a good dose of skepticism

There’s been a shortage of cheery news stories lately. Wall Street’s slumping, our country’s still pursuing entangling foreign engagements with relish and socialism dawns anew in all its foolish glory. Yet, in a small sense, the bad news is actually good news, the tragedies are really just well-played comedies, and, for some, the joke is finally being understood.

An open letter to a congressman

Dear Representative,

The following words are written on behalf of the remaining men and women of our country that believe in the sanctity of law and the God-given rights enumerated to all in the U.S. Constitution. Though you have undoubtedly received letters in previous years requesting handouts, favors and preferential treatment from your constituents, this letter is different, this letter is unique, this letter is just.

The Layman’s Guide to the Bill of Rights

An accurate understanding of the Bill of Rights has been severely lacking lately. The sheer number of people affected by this deprivation is tragic enough, but it is especially adverse when higher members of the political class are among the most ignorant of this document’s most elementary concepts.

Global warming storm drowns out dissenting thought

In the battle to prove or disprove the existence of anthropogenic, or man-made, global warming (AGW), a battle which often orients along the cultural left and right, I must confess that I have little vested in furthering either side’s campaign. I contentedly join the ranks of elite weathermen everywhere in my unequivocal conviction that tomorrow’s weather will be the same or different.