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The HIV guilty

Jessica Dean and Robin Rodriguez Over 20 years after the AIDS epidemic first started making headlines, issues relating to the disease are still making precedent in our courts.  The California Supreme Court is currently hearing the case of a Los Angeles woman who is suing her former husband for infecting her with HIV. In California, […]

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Healthy steps for stress

Jessica Dean and Robin Rodriguez It’s that wonderful time of year again, the time where everyone is stressed-out from midterms and is frantically getting all their ducks in a row studying for finals. While you’re putting in those late night hours, you probably also have various bags of chips and other study-friendly foods at your […]

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Cal Poly loves coffee

Jessica Dean and Robin Rodriguez If you walk around campus in the morning, you will see them standing and waiting. Groups of tired students and staff, waiting with “to-go” lids in hand, eyeing the girls behind the counter.  They form a crowd around the counters at Julian’s in the UU and at Campus Market.  Yet, […]

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The Whooping Cough

Jessica Dean and Robin Rodriguez Last week Cal Poly experienced its first case of pertussis (or whooping cough) in recent years.  The infected student was living in Sierra Madre, and diagnosed at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. The student is now in a private apartment in Yosemite Hall, where he will finish his course of […]