Kara Dimitriou
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World-renowned glass artist speaks at Spanos Theater

Chihuly’s glassblowing exhibitions and chandeliers can be found in more than 200 museums around the world, including the Louvre.

Eco art on display at FrameWorks

Art ECO was created by Egerer as an outgrowth of passion for constructing art from reclaimed materials.

Rights questioned during speech

Cal Poly’s College of Liberal Arts sponsored an event in honor of Constitution Day last Thursday. Dr. Sonu Bedi, a professor of Government at Dartmouth College, gave a lecture on his book, “Rejecting Rights.”

Poly to participate in historic theater event tonight

Cal Poly, and more than 100 other schools nationwide, will participate in a historic event tonight to commemorate the life of a young college student, Matthew Shepard, the victim of a hate crime.

Downtown shop celebrates HumanKind

Humankind Fair Trade opened up in downtown San Luis Obispo on July 1. The store sells products from more than 35 countries, helping workers in the developing world.