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Orchesis Dance Company

Orchesis Dance Company showcased their talent in their show “Continuum.”

The body became a canvas at “Embodiment”

Turning local bodies into canvass for artists by using paint and props, “Embodiment” is hosted by Native Lounge every Thursday night at 8:00 pm for a month beginning Jan.28.

Local astronomer talks about climate science

The Central Coast Astronomical Society (CCAS) hosted Dr. Ray Waymann of Atascadero who presented on “Astronomy’s Role in Climate Science” last week at the United Methodist Church in San Luis Obispo.

Orchesis reaches 40th anniversary

This year “Continuum” is a compilation of choreography from students, faculty, and professionals that toy with actions as simple as breath to concepts as intricate as the world’s connections.

New club celebrates the Chinese New Year

The Chinese Cultural Club (CCC) hosted their second meeting of the quarter Wednesday night with a calligraphy workshop on lucky phrases in preparation for the Chinese New Year.

Earthquakes remain at core of public eye

With constant tectonic activity happening below our feet and the potential for catastrophe like that which befell Haiti on January 13th, scientists and engineers are finding new ways to prepare for the inevitable.

Veritas forum leads to crowds, questions

The Cal Poly Veritas Forum has been presented annually at Cal Poly since 2001, is sponsored by Campus Crusade (SLO Crusade), Associated Students Inc. and the national Veritas Forum.

The number of homeless rises in San Luis Obispo County

According to the 2009 Homeless Enumeration Report performed by the Homeless Services Coordinating Council (HSCC), on any given day in San Luis Obispo county 3,829 people are homeless. The homeless shelters are brimming with newcomers while county officials work together to build a new homeless campus in hopes to solve this increase of roughly 1,500 homeless people since the 2006 count of 2,408.

Cal Poly wins gold as best workplace for commuters

Innovative and sustainable means of transportation have made Cal Poly a standout as far as benefits not just for commuters but for the environment as well. Cal Poly was recognized with a gold medal this year as a Best Workplace for Commuters (BWC) by the University of South Florida’s National Center for Transit Research (NCTR).