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Keeping everything stable

Khaled Hal Saad Zoologists study this concept called the Evolutionary Stable Strategy (ESS). It turns out that, through evolution, an animal population will adopt a survival strategy that will always be immune from encroachment from another strategy. For instance, if we classified fighting strategies in polar bears as either a hawk or a dove, then […]

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What's your major

Khaled Hal Saad In our late teens, we’re required to pick a major of study and apply to the universities that offer them. This decision is fraught with difficulty; some students are simply too young or inexperienced to know what topics engage them. But it’s amazing how one’s choice of a major carries with it […]

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Where are our armed prophets?

Khaled Hal Saad Eighty-eight years ago to the day marks the height of the Russian Revolution and the beginning of a long slog to Russian superpower status. Often ignored, was the raw intellectual and tireless contributions of one of Russia’s early leaders. Leon Trotsky showed up at Lenin’s door in London when he was 21 […]

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Got creativity? Club ads unoriginal

Khaled Hal Saad The new academic year ushered in fresh marketing campaigns for student initiatives aimed at captive freshmen and the rest of us. There are drives to go greek, join campus clubs and other well-meaning organizations. A disturbing trend among many of these drives is the lack of creativity in building a unique message. […]