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Hot jazz hits the summer air in Los Osos

“We’re hoping to infuse hot jazz with a contemporary twist and bring in a younger fan base,” said lead guitarist and vocalist of the Red Skunk Jipzee Swing Band Molly Reeves.

California International Choral Festival 2011

The Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center hosted the 2011 California International Choral Festival.

Student still in hospital after being hit by truck

Kelli Hoffert, a psychology junior who was struck by a gray Chevrolet truck on campus around 11 a.m. Tuesday, is now at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center recovering from a skull fracture.

Summer Happenings showcases local talent in Pismo Beach

Free cheese, olive oil, pie and candy tastings will come to the Sandcastle Inn every Friday this summer at 6 p.m., beginning May 27.

‘Byzantium’ to showcase Cal Poly writing talent

This year, English students Anna Bush and Jesseca Zwicker won first place in the Creative Writing Contest and are featured in “Byzantium.”

‘SMASH’ brings socialism and feminism to Cal Poly

“SMASH,” a story about a 20-minute marriage and the corruption of an all-girls boarding school, will perform its opening show on May 12 in the Alex and Faye Spanos Theater.

CSU budget cut: ‘All the solutions we have are bad solutions’

Because of Governor Jerry Brown’s 2011-2012 proposed cut of $500 million to California State Universities (CSUs), the total state budget cut for Cal Poly now stands at $25.2 million.

Event to raise Cal Poly autism awareness

“I’m excited to talk to students about autism because there is a need to raise awareness,” said Kocik, “there’s a lot of things that can make life for people with special needs easier, and the best way is to spread the word.”

BLOG: Reporter on Scooter

One reporter can only cover so much ground when armed with a Yamaha Vino 125 and various reporting technology.

Taking to the streets: local group raises homelessness awareness

In response to the growing homeless community in San Luis Obispo, the Cal Poly Community Center will be hosting a week of “Homeless Awareness,” throughout the city of San Luis Obispo.

Tips on professionalism from a Cal Poly entrepreneurship pro

  Graduation caps are flying through the air as recent graduates celebrate embarking on a new chapter of life. As they leave college behind the, their recent excitement might turn to fear as they face the daunting, intimidating task ahead:…