Marlize van Romburgh
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Credit card reform bill makes college living harder

The recently-passed credit card reform bill is a supposed effort to protect us poor, naïve students from being exploited by the big, powerful credit card companies preying down on us — but honestly, this bill stinks of exactly the kind of paternalism most of us have outgrown by the time we’re in college.

Say ‘hasta la vista’ to ill-conceived special election propositions

Tomorrow’s special election and its six ballot measures have been put forth as a bi-partisan effort at fiscal responsibility – but fall completely flat. Yes, we need fiscal reform, but Propositions 1A-1E aren’t the way to do it.

Future entrepreneurs: take risks while you’re young

Not very many people have the smarts and the courage it takes to go their own way, to break out of the security of a stable career path and to venture out into the rocky, winding road of entrepreneurship, where both risks and rewards lie waiting around every bend.

Respect talent: don’t steal your entertainment

During the past decade, online piracy has become rampant and a blatant disregard for artistic copyright socially acceptable. Online piracy isn’t just theft, it’s theft of the very artistic talent we claim to value the most.

Women prefer men with something tender about them

Wealth is a product of the values of creativity, resourcefulness, ambition, intelligence and responsibility. Although money itself has a dollar sign in front, it represents much deeper values that by themselves don’t.

Business as usual: All Wall Street’s a stage

Despite the rhetoric, the Obama administration (and the Bush administration previously) seems to have little interest in encouraging a genuine understanding of the roots of the crisis. After all, a true explanation would take into account all the facts, not just those that are politically correct.

Business as Usual: April 15 is the new July 4

I’ve always half-heartedly joked that when I make my first million, I’m going to stow it away on the Cayman Islands. The joke of course being that I’m a journalism major and won’t be making my first million anytime soon.

Capitalists are not the root of all evil

In an era that is beginning to define itself as so decidedly anti-business, there’s more of a need than ever to re-examine the very principles of the economic system we live in.

Fee increase proposal puts Poly at a crossroads

Almost seven years after implementing college based fees as a supplement to regular tuition, Cal Poly now finds itself in the midst of a state budget crisis, and is looking to you – the students – to further help foot the bill of your own education.

Let all smokers be judged equally, famous or not

Oh, how we like to bring our heroes down. Forget his eight gold medals in Beijing, forget the fact that just five months ago we were parading him around as a national icon, a superhuman athlete and an Olympic story for the history books. In the eyes of the righteous, all of that glory is now overshadowed by the looming image of our hero taking a bong hit.

Alcohol, hazing led to freshman’s death

The death of Cal Poly freshman Carson Starkey last quarter has been determined to be the result of alcohol poisoning. Police have further confirmed that his death was as a result of hazing and the party Starkey had attended the evening before his death was an initiation event for the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon, which he was pledging.