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PolySat testing NASA technology

PolySat is building a new satellite for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to carry cameras into space — everybody smile. Cal Poly’s eighth CubeSat will test new onboard image processing software, former project manager Brian Tubb said.

Construction jobs sparse post-grad

Typical construction management students should expect four to five job offers at graduation this spring, construction management head Allan Hauck said. The economy this year is not like the days before the recession of 2008 hit, Hauck said.

Counseling surveying state of students’ mental health

The Counseling Center on campus is conducting a survey to see the state of mental health of students on campus, Health and Counseling Services Director Martin Bragg said. The survey is used to help the Counseling Center identify mental health issues that need to be focused on.

A day in the life of an Alaskan fisherman

My day begins early, around six or seven in the morning, to the voice of the captain telling us it’s time to fish.

Seismic testing debate continues

In Nov. 2012, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) submitted a request for a permit to perform seismic testing in the ocean surrounding the plant that was denied by the California Coastal Commission. In spite of the denial, PG&E is still looking into the possibilities.

A library of bacteria: students categorizing E. coli outbreaks

Cal Poly students and faculty are working together to build a library of DNA fingerprints to identify the culprit when people get sick from E. coli.

Students test waters of the Central Coast

Megan Stone Special to Mustang Daily Cal Poly students and faculty are keeping watch on the waters of the Central Coast to help control and reduce the presence of E. coli. While they collect and analyze all different strains of E. coli,…

War Story

Rhiannon Kelly is an English freshman and Mustang Daily fiction contributor. The only thing he knew for certain was that he was dying. It seemed so long ago that he’d somehow found himself at the base, running through a battery…

GrC looking to add master’s program

From magazine covers that light up to grab the attention of readers, to food packaging that changes color when the food gets too old, to 3-D objects from printers: The field of printed electronics and functional imaging is growing and…

English professors say e-books will not take place of physical books

Jennifer Silva Special to Mustang Daily People don’t use the typewriter anymore, they’ve given up on floppy discs and cassettes are out. But, paper books will still be necessary in the future, Cal Poly professors say. “There’s just something about…

Construction management reducing units to graduate

The construction management department is renovating the number of units in its curriculum to follow Cal Poly policies and have students graduate in four years or fewer, construction management head Allan Hauck said. University policies now require that all programs…