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Guide to student apartment complexes

Sure, on-campus housing comes with perks, but what if you need a break from campus food? What if you like biking to school? What if you can only take so much of the busy Cal Poly atmosphere?

That’s where the San Luis Obispo Off Campus Student Housing Association comes in; it is a group of eight housing facilities that accommodate a variety of students who wish to live near, but not on, campus.

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Steppin' it up

I have to admit, before I watched “Stomp the Yard” I was expecting the step version of “Bring It On,” chock-full of phrases like, “This isn’t a democracy. It’s a step-ocracy.”

Instead of the fifth installment of the played-out cheerleading movie fluke, “Stomp the Yard” delivered somewhat decent entertainment.

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C-SPAN buses politics to Poly

A national campaign to educate students and community members about the presidential election is coming to Cal Poly in the form of a 45-foot tour bus.

C-SPAN’s “Road to the White House” bus will be on Mott Lawn today from noon to 2 p.m. to give students the opportunity to interact with key representatives from both parties after taking a 15-minute tour through the multimedia vehicle, which will be running educational videos about the election.



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