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How to keep organized during Spring Quarter

With winter quarter coming to a close and spring quarter peeking around the corner, it’s time to rip off March’s calendar page and prepare for April.

Renting responsibilities vary for Cal Poly students

Finding a new place to call home for next year can be exciting — and daunting. The financial steps to rent a house, though intimidating, can easily be understood by anyone preparing to move into a new apartment or house.

BLOG: Not cut out for a cut-throat business

When I started researching for my eating disorder article, I was terrified the story would flop for a lack of sources. Where would I find people willing to share a dark secret or a difficult time in their life? How…

Angela Oh explores race relations with storytelling

Race relations in America are a never-ending battle, but civil rights activist Angela Oh believes in fighting to the death to find a solution to America’s racial tensions.

When eating healthy becomes disorderly

Graduating college made Devon Nespica decide to get help for her bulimia nervosa. It wasn’t when she blacked out from taking too many diet pills or from exhaustion after going to the gym several times a day or when she…

BLOG: Appearing objective

During one of the Cal Poly DanceSport Team practices that I attended, strictly as a reporter of course, the coach was teaching a fiery matador dance called the Paso Doble. The men’s postures were that of a bullfighter trying to…

Ballroom dance club team to hold weekend competition

Cal Poly’s club ballroom dance team will host a competition on Feb. 5, inviting dancers from across the state to compete.

Armstrong looks to leave his mark on Cal Poly athletics

Cal Poly’s new president, Jeffrey Armstrong, has been a St. Louis Cardinals fan since he was a young baseball player growing up in western Kentucky. And when he found out Hall of Fame Cardinals shortstop Ozzie Smith was a Cal…

San Luis Obispo county requests extended state of emergency

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors declared an extended state of emergency on Tuesday because of flooding damage that occurred in Oceano Dec. 19. A rainstorm during that week brought 7.1 inches of rain to Oceano and caused…

Despite high unemployment, students still ‘have opportunities’

The graduating class of 2011 may have something to look forward to this year despite the bad economy. While preliminary unemployment rates for November 2010 show an increase in the number of jobless claims in San Luis Obispo and across…

Little Theatre brings Narnia to SLO

The stage inside of San Luis Obispo’s Little Theatre on Palm Street is slowly transforming into the snowy wonderland of Narnia.