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Screwed up families with screwed up children

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way,” or so commented Leo Tolstoy in the classic opening of “Anna Karenina.” Regardless of whether this quote is true, it certainly seems apropos when considering the Preaker family, the disturbed clan at the heart of Gillian Flynn’s debut book, “Sharp Objects.

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A tale of secrets and lies, race and sex

In 1997, Philip Roth published “American Pastoral,” the first in his America trilogy, which examined the evolving socio-cultural-political landscape of the United States in the half-century following World War II. Next came “I Married a Communist” and then “The Human Stain” in 2000, ending the trilogy on an anguished and impassioned high note.

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Not my kind of childhood

Childhood is a time of immense hopes and insecurities, a period of great vulnerability in which the acceptance of both peers and adults takes on an almost seismic importance. Few knew this better than novelist Robert Cormier, who, beginning with his 1975 book “The Chocolate War,” brought a more psychologically nuanced sensibility, as well as a decidedly darker edge, to the young adult genre.

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Everyone has their reasons

Given the increasing prevalence of hyphenates in the entertainment field — actor-photographer-author, singer-actor-painter, and so on – in which proven accomplishment in one area allows for vain indulgence in others, it’s both refreshing and heartening to see a genuinely multitalented multitasker emerge.



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