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Mustang Daily evolves with the times

We’re producing two print publications each week and one traditional news broadcast, but the crux of our operation is moving online — a platform we can update dozens, hundreds of times a week.

Drunk driver arrested in hit and run near campus

San Luis Obispo police arrested a 21-year-old man less than a mile from Cal Poly’s campus this weekend on suspicion of committing a felony hit and run while under the influence of alcohol.

Sheriff: Alcohol, drugs found in student’s body after drowning

Wagner was first reported missing on June 20, just weeks after the end of spring quarter.

Obama higher ed plan could bring perks, pressure to Cal Poly

Cal Poly makes daily efforts to appeal to prospective students, alumni and donors, but administrators might have a new critic to impress: The White House.

Graduation rates, revenue among Armstrong’s priorities

Cal Poly will have a “laser focus” on graduation rates in coming years, University President Jeffrey Armstrong said in his annual State of the University speech Monday.

Important issues on campus explained: semesters vs. quarters and Student Success Fee make headlines

Between classes, work, clubs and weekend beach trips, it can be difficult for Cal Poly students to pay attention to what’s going on around campus.

Cellphone (app)eal

There are some things Millennials just can’t live without: namely, their cell phones.

Under wrappers: Cal Poly passes off Kashi granola bars as student made

The difference between name-brand granola bars and ones produced at Cal Poly might have been the last thing on the university’s mind as California State University Chancellor Timothy White visited campus this past month.

Advisers raise concerns about Academic Success Center direction

Though the Student Success Fee-funded Academic Success Center is still in progress, some advisers on campus are already concerned about how a centralized center could impact individual colleges.

Meaningful political discourse comes from full range of opinions

Sometimes I sit in front of my computer and stare at my blinking cursor, hoping the dim glow and ominous blank page will provide some sort of divine inspiration for my articles. Believe it or not, the most difficult part of writing the liberal column is doing justice to the liberal perspective, while at the same time not falling prey to the pitfalls that accompany such a position. And there are many.

Student Success Fee: Little progress so far on Academic Success Center

As Cal Poly aims to create a more consistent support network for students, nearly 5 percent of the Student Success Fee next year will fund what administrators have dubbed the university’s Academic Success Center.