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Mustang Daily endorses nobody this year

They’re too much alike to differentiate between their overlapping plans and platforms. And, while all of them have good ideas, nobody stands out as a leader with the ability to follow through, certainly not enough to warrant a staff endorsement.

Today we inaugurate a man, not a God

Barack Obama has always been able to get people to believe in him.

From the moment he received the Democratic Party’s nomination, there has been much anticipation for this day. The record-breaking inauguration crowd is proof of his ability to connect with people and strategize a genius campaign.

Transportation investments can’t be overlooked

Just days before the inauguration, Obama takes a historic journey to enter Washington, D.C. by train, a symbolic message of his commitment to revitalize the Nation’s public transportation networks. As America aims to wean its dependence on foreign oil, California seeks a federal stimulus plan to support transportation programs, such as the recently passed high-speed rail project as a way to stimulate the states crumbling economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.