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Wine snobs move over, we've got beer

Some may consider beer a less sophisticated beverage than wine, but on the Central Coast, privately-owned breweries are an alternative to the plentiful wineries.
Central Coast Brewing (CCB) on Monterey Street has created a reputation for its premier brewing facilities and variety of hand-crafted microbrews and signature ales, including its most popular flavor: chai, said CCB’s Head Brewer Jeff Sorenson.

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Getting creative in the kitchen

Wearing a black apron in her brand new kitchen, Ashleigh Hutchison quickly sliced juicy red-orange peaches before placing them on a platter filled with fresh red raspberries and a goat cheese log rolled in toasted almonds. She drizzled honey over the entire plate and placed it at the bar beside fresh snap peas and other snacks.

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Which comes first: the cash or the egg?

I’ve been trying to think of various (legal) ways to make some fast cash, and a recent conversation led me to a compelling prospect: egg donation. Heck, I’m not using my eggs. Why not sell them to someone who’s willing to pay top dollar for them? It’s a free market, right? People and organizations will pay thousands for an egg donor, I was told recently.

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Saudi Arabia contract signed

Although Cal Poly signed the contract that would essentially develop and implement a new engineering program at Jubail Unversity College (JUC) in Saudi Arabia, nothing has been finalized and the contract still remains private. Cal Poly signed the controversial contract in early July, but still waits for JUC to sign its portion, said Susan Opava-Stitzer, dean of Research and Graduate Programs, in an interview last week.

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From scandal to success

A classical music concert this Saturday at the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center (PAC) will feature dramatically successful works that were disasters when they premiered.

The concert is part of this year’s Festival Mosaic, an annual summer series featuring concerts, art and more.



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