Complaining about tax breaks for the rich? How naive. These tax breaks ensure that the ever responsible upper class has capital to employ us slobbering lower classes. We lower classes can’t invest and start companies. A: It’s un-American commie trash-talk. Starting businesses is for those that can afford it, i.e. rich people. If we all invest together, who’s going to get rich? B: We don’t have expendable assets. We can barely afford our expensive houses and children’s expensive future; less we doom them into public schools and hinder their chances of becoming rich. C: Who would buy stuff that Americans produce? The driving force of the consumer-base is us lower class citizens, and we cannot afford American-made.

We gave our extra assets to the government to spend on education and the like. But that stuff was expensive so we cut rich-folk tax instead so they could invest it. They wisely invested in foreign production since nobody can buy American-made with so few good jobs. That also saved them money so that they can pay us to clean their cars and stuff. With our finely tuned system even house maids can afford products because foreigners work for slave wages. But giving us that money would be dangerous because we lack the vision to invest wisely and would instead buy more foreign products, increasing our rate of defitization. So you see, without giving tax cuts to wealthy folks we would be doomed.

Morgan Elam

General engineering senior

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