For all of you who read Monday’s Halloween Daily posting President Baker’s salary, there is a reason he is the highest paid president in the CSU system. First, realize that President Baker’s job is not university administration, but rather the advancement of higher education. He received only a 13 percent raise ($30,000) when he has helped raise $264.4 million dollars for Cal Poly from 1998 to 2004 in the centennial campaign.

I think we can all plug the numbers and see that an extra 30k over six years is 0.0007 percent of what he helped raise.

And that is not all President Baker does. President Baker is instrumental on a national level in creating the future relationship between business and higher education. You can take my word that compared to the work of other institutions’ presidents nation-wide Warren Baker deserves a big thanks from students.

So thank you President Baker, and supporting staff, for helping make Cal Poly one of the top universities in America.

Jay Hann

Mathematics junior

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