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To the band members of Frame of Mind, music is not only their job, it is a way of life. On Wednesday, Oct. 25, Frame of Mind is bringing their eclectic style of music and life to Frog and Peach at 9:30 p.m.

The band, which started in Southern California, considers itself a jam rock ‘n’ roll band, said Obie Scott, 33, the guitarist and one of the vocalists.

“We do nice transitions between songs and play a lot of improvisation,” Scott said.

Though they started in Southern California, the band members have moved around a lot. Their first tour was in 2000, after they had played locally for a few years, and throughout the tour they lived in a Suburban, Scott said.

For two and a half years, Frame of Mind toured all over. “We were making our own dream happen, without the help of anyone else,” Scott said.

Finally, the band wanted to record an album and settle down, Scott said. They moved to Idaho and started to play there. “We made a better living up there.”

After three albums in Idaho, they decided to “move out and get on the road,” he said. “We wanted to put ourselves in a bigger pond.”

With 200 shows a year, most would be tired of the road, but not Nimai Pickup, 32, the bass player and one of the vocalists in Frame of Mind. “It hasn’t worn out yet,” Pickup said. “We are at home and welcome wherever we go.”

The band has pulled inspiration from many types of music, including classic rock and more contemporary musicians, according to their Web site www.frameofmindlive.com. “There has been so much great music that has come out,” Scott said.

Unlike some other bands, Frame of Mind writes their own music and each member contributes. “We all write and add what we think best,” Scott said. “We all are the vocalists, except the drummer doesn’t sing lead vocals.”

“I get my inspiration for the music from daily experience and emotions,” Pickup said. “I draw from all over the place.”

Scott’s younger brother, Josh Scott, is the keyboardist, vocalist and plays various other instruments in the band. “We haven’t spent more than two years apart our entire lives,” Scott said.

“There are times that are heated, but they have gotten less and less frequent lately,” Scott said. “He covers where I lack and I make up where he lacks.”

Before Frame of Mind, the two professionally snowboarded together. “We could only do that for so long, professionally,” Scott said.

What the band loves about being onstage is “The energy you get from playing in front of other people,” Scott said. “The relationship and the energy is addictive.”

“The crowds that are dancing and having fun are great,” Pickup said. “As long as they’re having fun, we do too.”

Though touring is fun, the band is ready to record another album soon. “It will be nice to have a few months off to write and record.” Scott said. “We could do it on the road, but it’s not the same.”

“As soon as we can find time and find a studio to record in, we will do it,’ Pickup said. “As soon as possible.”

To most, Frame of Mind is a band that plays great music, but to the members, it is much more.

“We live, breathe, work together, so for us, it is our life,” Pickup said.

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