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Big, small, orange, white… Brookshire Farms sells all sorts of pumpkins and gourds throughout October while also offering entertainment for all ages. From hayrides, to pumpkin patches, to corn cannons, co-owner of Brookshire Farms, Sean Callaway, shares what the farm calls “agro-entertainment.”

The farm offers a wide range of different agricultural items and activities for guests to explore,including an engine demonstration. Tim Stewart, owner of Tim’s Tractor Service, brings in some of his tractors and machinery to educate others.

“My goal is to do a little history demonstration so that people can understand what they did besides what they are,” Stewart said. 

One of Stewart’s demonstrations included placing corn in the machine, and seconds later, it produced an empty cob and a bucket full of kernels. He then grinds the kernels down to even smaller pieces, which he feeds his chickens. 

As the Halloween season comes to an end, Brookshire Farms donates their leftover crops to Cal Poly.

In the middle of November, the farm will chop down the corn maze and donate the corn to Cal Poly’s dairy unit. This is part of Brookshire Farms and Cal Poly’s mutually beneficial relationship where Cal Poly students, in various crop related classes, help grow crops for the farm.

“Cal Poly also supplies a bunch of our pumpkins. So we have the crops class grow pumpkins all summer. We supervise them and help provide seed to them. And then they provide us the pumpkins and we bring them out here and sell them,” Callaway said.

Despite all the hard work that goes into the farm, Callaway credits the community for keeping them motivated.

“We love the community. We’re a big part of the community here, and it really is something that’s needed for entertainment,” Callaway said.