Brian Eller fell to a new low when he decided to poke holes in Jimmy Carter’s resume in his column “Jimmy Carter ranked worse than Bush.” His efforts to try and work around particular “events” and realities only show he is either A.) ignorant of the facts or B.) trying to be a mouthpiece of conservative nonsense. (I think a mixture of both.) Eller, the former president that you attacked did more to help the world in one year than your dear Bush did in the almost seven years he’s been in office. He brokered a peace between Israel and Egypt, a peace that hasn’t been broken. His administration began Operation Cyclone with Pakistan that armed the Afghan mujahideen in their struggle against the Soviet occupation. I might add that the workings of Operation Cyclone survived past his presidency and eventually led to the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan 10 years later. That’s just a glimpse of his presidency. Carter has accomplished even more since, including starting the Carter Center, which is involved in humanitarian missions around the world, which got him recognized in 2002 when he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, just to name one. His connections with the Carter Center have allowed him to get a firsthand look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that gave rise to his recent book “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.” In his book Carter points out the facts about the Israeli-Palestinian relationship and what he believes is holding the two back from achieving permanent peace. The book isn’t racist, distorted or anti-Semitic; and those that think so obviously haven’t read it. So Eller, please don’t omit the facts, Jimmy Carter hasn’t lost touch with reality; if anything, he is more in tune with reality than you are!

Kayvan Chinichian
Political science sophomore

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