The Orfalea College of Business could learn from engineers. I applaud the College of Liberal Arts and Engineering for developing a new major which would help students who have a change of heart and want to pursue another career direction. The College of Business does quite the opposite with its new internal transfer policy. They do not allow any students who have previously changed majors to even be considered for acceptance, regardless of their GPA or strengths.

I find this policy extremely unfair. Why not base the system on performance or aptitude instead of eliminating a whole group of people from even having a chance? A good background in any area or major would give graduates a significant advantage in their field. For example, a background in liberal arts would greatly increase your ability to work with people, an essential part of any business. Switching majors does not make a student any less capable, in fact, it would make them more competent in the business world at large.

College is a place where young minds come to learn, to embrace diversity, and to figure out what you want to do with their life. When you start putting restrictions on changing career paths, and the number of times you can change, the system becomes unfair. It’s like telling someone that they can’t explore different interests because they can only have expertise in one field. Instead of restricting students from finding their ideal career path, our university should be supporting us and giving us the opportunities we need to succeed.

Jamie Sherfield
Liberal studies senior

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